Real Results! is considered a “fitness rehab” program! Jessica's goal is to teach each client how to tackle nutrition and fitness on their own. That way after they’ve met their goals they can continue sufficiently on their own without going back to those previous bad habits. Of course some clients stay with Jessica indefinitely because they like the motivation and accountability.

Jessica has a B.S., MEd, and is a certified Metabolic Efficiency Specialist. She is currently finishing up a fellowship program with the renowned Institute of Integrative Nutrition.

How is Jessica different than other trainers or nutritionists?

Through her own health journey, the countless clients she has worked with, and the intensive hours of education she has in this field Jessica has come to understand that Bio-Individuality should be the primary focus for each client relationship. What does that mean? It means that you are genetically and emotionally unique so why would a cookie cutter workout or diet work for you just because it worked for someone else?

Jessica takes pride and care in developing personal, positive relationships with each client on her schedule. You are more than just a face with Jessica!

“It is my honor as a fitness and wellness coach to support the Whole Person.  When we acknowledge the role of  nutrition, implement stress reducers, and deconstruct cravings we provide the support the physical body requires so that positive health changes can occur.”            
–Jessica Sutterfield