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Transform your Mind, Transform your Body

As a trainer, I see countless success stories-- losing weight, getting off of medications, finishing a big race.  But I’ve also seen my fair share of UNsuccess stories.  As a novice trainer those UNsuccesses baffled, confused, and depressed me!  Why would one person see such a drastic change in appearance, health, and overall well being while another person made minimal progress?  Years of experience, learning from my clients (yes, I learn from them too!), and analysis of common factors from successful clients has led me to this belief, “Transform your Mind, and Your Body will Follow!”  Positive in, Positive out.  This concept pertains to the emotional attachment clients have to food, to their current self-esteem, to scheduling workouts, and to setting realistic goals.  I asked 3 successful clients to share their insight  towards what made them a success so that hopefully you can relate to one of their stories and find motivation to begin your SUCCESS journey today! Read more

The Fattening Five

Thou Shalt Not List. I despise DON’T lists. Instead of veering me away, they beckon me like a bucket list! Joshua Rosenthal, author of Integrative Nutrition: Feed Your Hunger for Health and Happiness, coined the term Bio-Individuality to encompass the philosophy of “there's no one-size-fits-all diet.” Each person is a unique individual with highly individualized nutritional requirements. When it comes to food, although we may each gravitate towards different eating styles, ALL of us are better served by avoiding a cocktail of what I have named The Fattening Five. Read more

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