Cathy Hooper

I desired a health change because I knew if I didn't lose weight that I wouldn't live to see my Grandbabies grow up. I love spending time with my family but it was getting to the point that I couldn't physically do the things I wanted to with them. That motivated me to look to exercise and clean eating. I had the desire to lose weight and was dedicated to eating clean and exercising, but  without the help of my trainer and her motivation, I doubt I would have been successful. The hardest change I made was going to the gym.  I was never an athlete and starting to exercise with my trainer was the hardest thing to overcome.  She has been the best thing for me because she keeps me focused.

My biggest tip for readers is--Don't give up!  After you start losing weight and feel better you won't want to stop moving or eating wrong again.  It is too hard to lose and too easy to gain. My favorite exercise is walking. I love walking no matter if it's on the treadmill when the weather is bad or outdoors when it is nice outside. If you really are serious about losing weight the best thing you can do for yourself is avoid sugar in your eating habits.  You will feel better, and in not much time at all you will start looking better too.  The craving of sugar will go away after you stop consuming it. 

My favorite health snacks are Kind Bars and Think Thin bars. They are high in protein and little or no sugar.

My Real Results!

In 7 months Cathy has lost over 65 pounds of fat, dropped her bodyfat% from 52% to 29%.

She’s changed the shape of her body by going from 98 pounds of lean muscle mass to 124 pounds of lean muscle mass—while dropping total mass on the scale!