Chelsea Crooks

I wanted a change because I wasn't happy with the way I looked or felt. My motivation to eat clean and exercise came from my sweet baby girl I had April 2012. I want to be a role model for her, have the energy to enjoy her, and be able to keep up with her!

In a world of unsuccessful diets and workout videos, I was successful because I hired someone I trust and like! She has the knowledge and desire to help me achieve my goals. She held me accountable, and was as happy to see my achievements as I was. She listens to what I love & what I hate and plans workouts I actually enjoy and look forward to. In the beginning the hardest part of following through with my change was just making myself actually GO to the workout. I was tired and stretched thin from work and momma responsibilities, but now the way the workouts make me feel is what keeps me motivated!

The biggest tip I can share is about making good “small” decisions, they add up! Skip the cookies at the office, take the stairs, don't pour all that sugar in your coffee, order food baked instead of fried...all of those little daily choices make a big difference. And I can't emphasize enough, hire a trainer that invests in you as well. Jessica came up with meal plans as well as workouts and I learned so much through that. If you hire a trainer-find a good one, you will be spending time and money with this person and you need to trust them! The investment is beyond worth it. When you may not see changes in your body, the measurements will show you that your work is paying off. It has helped keep me focused and motivated. You only get one body, and there is nothing in life you will ever have more control over than your body.  

I like lifting weights, I love riding my bike, but my favorite exercise is chasing around my 2 year-old daughter.

Here’s my favorite healthy recipe:
Green Monster Smoothie
*1/4 cup Greek yogurt
*3/4 cup almond or coconut milk
*1-2 cup fresh spinach
*1/2 banana
*2 tbs PB2 (or peanut butter)
*5-6 ice cubes
*stevia to taste

My Real Results!