Corbyn Rains

I started my love for physical training at a very awkward stage in my life, I was 13 years old, 5'5 and 220lbs. When my self-esteem was lacking most, the Marine Corps. recruiters befriended me and one day asked if I would like to participate their Delayed Entry Program for upcoming recruits. It was the exact thing my life needed to create a drastic change. Throughout the next couple years the weight shredded off, strength increased, and my self-image drastically improved, leading me to join the wrestling team at Randall High for 2 years. Shortly after I joined my first boxing gym, the one I still attend today, I fell in love. Never in my life had I been sore in those places, or been so tired after leaving the gym.

From there I transitioned to American Kickboxing, then the soreness spread to more unknown muscles. Growing up as what some would call obese I could never lift my legs above my hips, much less imagine them going over my shoulders, the day I landed my first high kick was a very good day. When I started working at a local MMA gym as a cardio kickboxing and endurance  instructor I became interested in Judo and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. With the amazing instructors it was easy to absorb quickly. From there I discovered Muay Thai, or thai boxing, and it has given me an inner drive like never before, as well as becoming not only my specialty but the foundation I use every day in my life to make even the smallest decisions.

I studied under Trauma Muay Thai for 3 years before I made my MMA debut in Austin, TX, a victory within the first minute of the second round. That day had the biggest impact on my life, I learned many things, most importantly is what you can be capable of if you want something bad enough, and it's nothing special that only certain people have, we all have the ability, we just have to change the way we see it. While involved with Trauma Muay Thai I became exceptional at training my teammates by use of mitts or thai pads and proper conditioning. When my coach asked me to be his assistant coach and help train him for his fights I knew it was something I was meant to spread. Although I work with all training regiments, my specialty and personal favorite involves forms of kickboxing because I have been able to see the most drastic changes in people, from professional fighters fine tuning before a fight to very overweight average joes that are just looking for something exciting to keep them interested, the results are there and having seen them I feel I'm responsible to show all who are interested how fun and effective this lifestyle choice can be. It's never too late to live a healthier life!