David Kouba

Health and fitness is my passion! I have lived an active life for the more than 15 years. Started an active lifestyle with bodybuilding. That turned into, with the help from a local personal trainer, triathlon. After a better part of ten years, including 3 Ironman finishes and multiple other triathlons, swim events, bike races, and run races, including marathon and half marathon races with my wife, I have retired from the endurance racing scene. You might still see me at a run event. Running is, and has always been my passion.

Heather and I have a wonderful 22 month old son, Mark Henry. When Heather was pregnant with Mark she ran everyday, at least a mile each day. She was on a mile run when her water broke, and every since Mark has run with mom and dad. We definitely have a running family! Heather is pregnant now with our second child, a girl, her name will be Ruth Grace. I’m certain all of us Kouba’s will find ourselves in some sort of running adventure in the future. I’ve been an Amarillo firefighter for over 11 years. My current assignment is a Station #6 at 19th and Fairfield, as a Lieutenant. At Station #6 we do all things that firefighters do. Our specialty program is physical fitness. The members at 6 perform annual fitness evaluations and help any fire department member with health and fitness plans. Of course firefighting is a very physical job. I lead my men by “walking the walk.” My thought is this… “Don’t let lack of fitness kill you.” That quote can certainly be used in my line of work, but any person can apply that same quote to their life. Don’t let lack of fitness prevent you from being a great: mom, dad, employee, student athlete, grandmother, grandfather, etc, etc. All of us have to hold ourselves accountable to being healthy and fit enough to handle life.

That’s where I can help! If you are a 60 something, wanting to improve mobility and endurance… I can help you get there. If you are a 30 something, wanting to do your first 5K… I can help you with the best plan to get you to race day, ready to do your best. If you are a 16 year old that wants to gain strength and power for the up coming sports season… I can guide you through the proper periodization plan to have you strong and ready. If you want to be a volunteer or professional firefighter, I’m 100% confident that I can prepare you to be ready for the job demands and physical standard tests.

NSCA-CPT, National Strength and Conditioning Association Certified Personal Trainer ACE-PFT, Fire service Peer Fitness Trainer

I have the certifications for a couple reasons: 1. I’m a lifelong learner. 2. Being certified by credible organizations helps prove competency.

I’ve met many people with plenty of letters before or after their name. Some of those folks were good… some were bad. Job title, certification, and education means nothing to me if that person does not produce results. I encourage you to meet with the Real Results Fitness staff and see if I’m the trainer for you. I will demand lots from you, and I hope you expect me to! Sure, there is a social element to personal training… but I’m more concerned with doing my best to help you accomplish your goals.