I am middle aged business owner and get very little exercise.  I  felt my body, energy and overall health declining.  About a 18 months ago I had suffered a life threatening illness and was hospitalized for about 6 months.  I lost 70 lbs due to the illness,  My energy and strength were so diminished it was really hard for me to walk from the parking lot to each of the doctor offices that I had to go to.  I was afraid my business would fail as I had very little energy and stamina to run the business and I had missed so much work.  About a year ago, when I was released from the hospital  was when  I was introduced to Jessica.  She began to work with me in my frail state of being and began to coach me in working out, and proper diet.  Her positive attitude and extreme knowledge of physical training and nutrition are very refreshing and I have reaped the rewards of following her direction. Since that time, my strength has increased to overwhelming levels.  My energy is at levels are superb, and my business is performing at record levels.  I can totally see my relationship with Jessica lasting a lifetime and she continues to help me advance in my overall physical fitness, nutritional health and wellbeing.