What  exactly is a certified metabolic efficiency specialist and how can you help me?

That’s a big fancy word that means I can teach you how to balance your macronutrient ratios to keep blood sugar levels stable and teach your body to burn fat for fuel!  The macronutrients are protein, fat, and carbohydrates.  All three are vital to keeping your metabolism running smoothly when eaten in the proper ratios.  I don’t give diet plans, and I don’t sell products.  Instead, I look at your food logs and give you 2-3 suggestions of simple things to change or substitute in what you are already eating.  After you get that habit ingrained, then we add another 2-3 changes.  By looking at your ratios and offering suggestions, I can teach you to look at food as healthy fuel instead of glorified addictions!  Again, this is also another service we can offer to someone who doesn’t live in the area.