Online Services

2-week bonus meal plan! $4.99

Continue your weight loss and health gains that you started with the meal plan in Real Results for Women with Type 2 Diabetes! This 2-week extension sets you that much further on your health journey.  Expect another 5-10 pounds of fat loss by following the extension.

Interactive Facebook weight loss group  $29.99/6 weeks

Join the Real Results Team as they motivate, encourage, and challenge you towards your fitness goal every six weeks! Each six-weeks is a freshly designed meal plan with an emphasis on fast, simple meals suitable for busy lives and families. Every morning a new workout is posted!  Workouts are home based with minimal equipment, and videos with descriptions of the exercises are posted each day.  Modifications are given for beginners, or those with physical limitations.   Have a question? Post it! You have the Real Results team at your fingertips!

Digital meal and exercise program $49.99

Need a personalized exercise and meal plan?  We can do that for you!  Through an app on your phone, your Real Results trainer can send your daily exercise and meal plan directly to you.


Skype and Phone session  $59.99

Distance is no longer an excuse! Have fitness and nutrition sessions from the comfort of your own home and laptop.