Team USA

I started my triathlon journey in June 2012 when David saw the ATC triathlon advertisement and decided we should enter it.  Never having any formal swim or biking experience, we borrowed bikes from friends, bought some cheap goggles, and waa laa! After one triathlon I knew I was hooked.

A couple weeks later I entered the Tri to Make a Difference Triathlon and then the Redman in OKC.  I realized I really enjoyed this new sport but didn’t have a CLUE what I was doing! So the following winter and spring months I swam, biked, ran as part of the FAS/ST+ triathlon team.  Those couple months presented me with an epiphany to what my personal training clients were feeling when they started a workout program.  I submitted an entry based on that experience in the “Train for Your Moment” contest presented by and won!

“The moment I'm training for......National Qualifiers Sprint Triathlon August 10, 2013! Why am I training for this? Because I HATE TO SWIM! I'm a horrible swimmer, I'm scared of the water, and I swim like a beached whale. I'm currently swimming 3x week, cycling 3x week, cross fit weights 4x week, and running 2x week--race is 8 months out. Why would a non-swimmer train so hard for something she despises? Because I owe it to my clients. I teach people how to live fit--through exercise, nutrition, and lifestyle changes. As a workout-aholic athlete I never understood why clients would skip workouts, come up with excuses not to be there, or quit! When I trained for my first ever triathlon I had an epitome. It sucks trying to meet goals that don't come naturally! Getting up to workout is a piece of cake for me....getting up to go swim is a stinking nightmare! I came up with every excuse I could think of to get out of swimming each day! I started dreading the swim the night before! So I've made a deal with my clients.....they continue to come to workouts that they don't really look forward to, and I'll continue to swim.”

By competing and placing at the National Sprint USAT triathlon on Sunday, August 11, I earned a spot on Team USA which will allow me to represent America in Edmonton, Canada at the ITU World Championships which will be held August 25-Sept 2, 2014.

Team USA was created by USA Triathlon to be a team of age group/amateurs who will best represent the United States and compete in the International Triathlon Union’s (ITU) world championships, which attracts the best athletes representing over 50 countries each year. You can read more about it at