Patricia Faris

I desired a change because I was unhappy with the way I felt and the way I looked. I wanted to change my body to feel better physically and emotionally and to be healthy so I can enjoy my family, my kids, and my grandkids for a LONG TIME! Natasha Reavis, a friend and co-worker, encouraged me to come to work out with her and Jessica, so I am grateful to Natasha! My motivation to eat clean and exercise is so that I can continue my weight loss journey and to become as physically fit as possible. I've been successful this time around because I'm doing this for ME, and I have a great support team in my family and in Jessica Sutterfield. The accountability of working out with Jessica on a regular basis and knowing that I will be measured (and weighed) on a monthly basis is also great motivation!

My best success tip for fitness and weight loss is to take the journey one day at a time, and once you get started on the journey and start seeing results and feeling better about yourself, it DOES get easier. My favorite exercise is a core exercise called "snow angel"!  Yes, it's a tough one, but I feel it working and making me stronger every time I do it! My favorite snacks are pumpkin seeds and fresh raspberries.The hardest change I've made has been to give up sugar and fast food.

YOU CAN DO THIS!! Just give it a Jessica and try the work out with her and just do it!  It won't be a perfect journey but it WILL be worth it! I'm 52 and have struggled all my life with my weight but this time, it worked!  I'm never going back to the way I was....I'm SO worth this and SO ARE YOU!!!

My Real Results!